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You might want to spend time on your own weighing up pros and cons of your fears and experiences that you have to come to terms with. It is also important to keep a check on health concerns, watching your diet, your nervous system, and being accident prone. Dealings with hospitals and institutions are in the wind.

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Relationships will figure, associated with an urge to break free and displaying rebellious behaviour. On another note, you might find solace in meditation and expanding your consciousness. Some Bulls may find opportunities through financial affairs, legacies and benefits. On the 23rd the Sun moves out of Libra and into Scorpio, your 7th house. Over the next four weeks, with Mercury and Venus in your 7th house, you will apply yourself to serious relations, business alliances and long-term commitments such as marriage. Open opponents and rivals may also require your attention. Look at finding resolutions, creating positive energy and a harmonious environment.

The 28th sees a New Moon at of Scorpio, your 7th house.

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Greater emphasis will be placed on relationships, unions and partnerships over the coming two weeks. Strong feelings are going to emerge, possibly associated with a desire to cut ties. Issues that have already occurred may need another review in order to find a resolution. Events may be unpredictable. At the same time there is also the opportunity to attract a new love relationship, or get engaged unexpectedly.

Some may experience their relationships or alliances at a higher level, adding strength to emotional bonds and commitments.

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This is a new phase for many, one in which to mend rifts. Health issues, work, travel, and educational issues may arise.

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Halloween comes around on the 31st just as Trickster Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio. When you can predict the script and the circular talks that never bring a satisfactory conclusion, you know it would be the time to leave. You are dealing with heavy-duty cosmic forces, so if you want this relationship to last, use a soft, gloved hand.

Otherwise, accept the inevitable and part and free yourself for a loving partner, or in a business relationship, more trustworthy. Printed on archival quality paper. Available exclusively on Astrology Zone. Learn More. Your Horoscope by Susan Miller While you speak to your partner, you might notice a conflict for dominance. Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 View All.

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