29 october astrology

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As parents, they stress the importance of autonomy to their youngsters. October 29 men and women enjoy the challenge of testing themselves. They may push themselves in difficult physical activities, such as mountain climbing or long-distance running. They like to prove that they can get along on a limited diet. Whether or not they wish to be noticed, October 29 people don't remain hidden easily.

Their personality is slightly off-center but enchanting. They favor unusual careers and often end up working for themselves. They aren't interested in money, though they have potential to become rich through their talents. Stay in touch with older relations. They seem to have their finger on the pulse of family affairs. The two planets influencing your financial affairs are Venus and Mars, which explains why, although you stand a good chance of boosting your earnings, the most likely result will be an increase in your outgoings.

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Make the most of increasingly happy social stars, and take the initiative, rather than sitting by the phone, waiting to be asked. The appreciation and respect of your friends is vital to sustain your sense of emotional well-being. Such attention should be in plentiful supply this week, thanks to the affectionate planet, Venus.

Work may be hard but it should also be enjoyable, perhaps throwing up a new friendship. If you have any practical interests which seem to have been stalled, do team up with like-minded people. The whole point about current developments is that one or two minor crises now may be necessary in order to push you on to the next stage. Venus is a superb planet, occupying as it does a central position in your astrological make-up. Your horoscope also predicts that you are most likely going to lose the dividends that are attached to your personality as a result of your negative traits.

Being bossy is one of your traits.


You always want people around you to fall before you to worship you and to follow all your commands. According to the October 29th birthday characteristics , you are going to be an uncommunicative fellow as you often find it very hard to communicate your problems with people around you. You need to learn how to be a little bit open. A problem shared is half solved, so the great men of old said. Based on the 29th October birthday zodiac , your moodiness and your moods swing often make people have a different opinion about you. You are also going to be criticized, or disappoint you due to your emotional and soft heart.

You also need to learn how to listen to people; they are capable of giving pieces of advice that will be useful to you in life. The October 29 horoscope sign shows that you tend to be highly secretive and passionate. You are most likely going to allow your mystery to reflect in your choice of a soulmate.

You tend to find it very hard to connect deeply with someone, probably due to your previous experiences.

However, you tend to be loving and caring as you are capable of ensuring that your lover is well catered for. Most of the time, you tend to make your lover happy and to be on top of the world with the way you relate to him or her. Being jealous is one of the things that you are prone to as an individual that is born today 29th October whenever you are madly in love.

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Based on the October 29 love life , it is advisable for you to learn how to curtail your jealousy. You need to learn how to communicate with your lover always for you to learn more about what she or he is passing through at that period.

Venus enters Scorpio

You will also go for a lover that is always ready to ask about you and what you are passing through. The October 29th compatibility reveals that anyone that is born on the 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 23rd, 27th and 29th day of any month will be compatible with you.

You are also going to be compatible with a native of Cancer, Pisces as well as a native of Taurus. However, your relationship with a native of Libra will be turbulent.

Sabian Symbol

The October 29 astrology predictions show that what appeals to you most are good and unusual jobs. This does not mean that you have no talent or gift, in fact, you are one of the talented on earth. Most time, you have difficulties in making your choice as you often face oppositions from home in regards to your choice work. However, when you make a choice, you are most likely going to make your charisma and charm to reflect on the career you have chosen. Success is always your portion due to your artistic and highly creative nature. You are talented to be wealthy, however, money is not always important to you.

October 29 Birthday Horoscope

You only want a job that will give you the satisfaction you need. As an individual that is born October 29 today , you have a lot of bad habits which are most likely going to have a lot of problems. You often limit your diet for you to keep slim. In addition to this, you always meddle with your health as a result of this bad habit.

You also love for nutrition, and good food often makes you healthy. In fact, your love for vegetables is a necessary factor for your good health. You are most likely going to push yourself too much to the extent that you drain your mental and physical energies.