January 7 astrology soul mate

To most, it's about a blissful romantic love with another that lasts a lifetime. This can indeed be true; however, soul mate relationships are not always easy. Those of a more metaphysical bent believe a soul's mate is someone that was known in another lifetime, or in many lifetimes, and the souls have come back together to help one another. However, even if the concept of past lives is not part of your reality, a soulmate is a person who in one way or another makes you a better person.

Unfortunately, the use of simple astrological Sun sign comparisons can't give you much of an answer. Not every compatible connection between sun signs is going to end up being a soulmate connection. If that were true, you'd have more soulmates than you'd know how to handle.

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Astrological synastry and the composite chart are the closest astrology can come to answering the question; "Is this my soulmate? Astrological synastry , the detailed process of comparing two individual's charts, is interesting and provides a lot of information, and there are some aspects between charts that denote a possible soulmate. But even compatible connections can't say if you and the one you love are soulmates.

Summary of Capricorn compatibility

A challenging love match can also be a soulmate match. If Saturn is part of the story, that relationship, no matter how difficult, will be hard to break free from and long-lasting. The composite chart is a midpoint chart that blends two horoscopes. It is the chart of the relationship and gives a lot of information about the relationship itself. The composite chart's Lunar Nodes speak of the "why" or purpose of the relationship, and the work a couple came together to do. The Nodes are the storyline of a relationship, and the rest of the charts tells the actual story.

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Astrology is a valuable tool. It provides a lot of information and can help you know and understand yourself and those you love. But there are some questions it can't adequately answer. A soulmate is a gift from above that will remind, inspire and change a Capricorn's life by instinctively pushing them to access deeper levels of themselves. They're also concerned with health and fitness, so your local gym might be a good place to spot one. Since they tend to be shy, you'll have to make the first move.

Your match is your fellow Air sign, Libra. These heady types seek intellectual stimulation at book clubs, political debates and in higher education.

January 7 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

But they also like having a full social life, so you're just as likely to run across one at a party. Mingle until you find a gabber who can keep up with you. Your harmonious partner is a dreamy Pisces. Since you are both Water signs, you take in the world through your emotions.

Look for your Pisces near the seashore, in a new age bookstore or at a meditation retreat. When you both reveal your active imaginations, you'll sense an immediate click.

Capricorn compatibility

To find a fun-loving Sagittarius, your fiery match, join a travel club or sign up for a cruise. Since you both love getting out and meeting new people, your chances of finding each other are high. Just keep doing what comes naturally and eventually your paths will cross. Your down-to-earth potential partner is a Taurus.

These sensuous souls are known for their discriminating taste, so try a gourmet cooking class or winery tour. Farmers markets are also favorite haunts for these foodies who love tasting samples while they peruse the fresh produce. At your next art gallery opening, keep an eye out for the most engaging conversationalist.

WHERE You Will MEET Your SOULMATE Based on your BIRTH CHART (all 12 signs) - 2019

That could be your perfect match, a chatty Gemini. Sidle up to him or her and make an outrageous comment about the show. If a light-hearted repartee ensues, that's your cue to make your move. Look for your Capricorn match at a networking club.